Chen Chung


Using minced meat and grilled over
charcoal, imparting a smokier flavor
and “secret” recipe sauce to the meat.

Daily fresh chicken meat are used to
enhanced the taste, also for tender and
smooth texture.

Every slice of meat is prepared with
patience and care, grilled to perfection
on an even charcoal heat.

Every bite is full with juicy wonders, incredibly
makes it double perfect for all of your cravings.

Melts in your mouth, together is suitable
to be serve with dishes too.

Gold coin’s brings prosperous to
your pocket, these bring happiness
to your belly.


  • positive review  Tasty! Nice packaging and fairly priced!

    Minde Leong Avatar Minde Leong
    February 4, 2018

    positive review  Juicy and fresh meat❤️ Strongly recommend their bakkwa!

    Michelle Chan Avatar Michelle Chan
    July 27, 2020

    positive review  Taste and texture just perfect. Highly recommended!

    Mandha Lee Avatar Mandha Lee
    December 25, 2018
  • positive review  The bakkwa is so nice to eat!!! totally recommend to buy it!! Worth the price. The service given by staff is good.

    CJ Ying Avatar CJ Ying
    July 1, 2020

    positive review  Very nice bak kwa !!! Ho Jiak 😋😋

    Dor Love U Avatar Dor Love U
    July 17, 2020

    positive review  SIPEK NICE SIA, NO BUY YOU REGRET

    Tan Lun Jiun Ben Avatar Tan Lun Jiun Ben
    December 19, 2018
  • positive review  Very fast delivery and very healthy, less oil. Fast and friendly service. Definitely will purchase again.

    Hendrix Leong Avatar Hendrix Leong
    September 19, 2020

    positive review  The bak kwa is not oily as other brands but mainly is the great taste and texture. Definitely will purchase them again! 😀

    Novt Danny Avatar Novt Danny
    June 3, 2020

    positive review  Excellent and tasty that I ever tried.

    Raymond Wai Avatar Raymond Wai
    December 19, 2018
  • positive review  Great taste and very good price. Service very efficient and fast. 👍👍👍

    Ming Quah Avatar Ming Quah
    December 19, 2018

    positive review  One of the best homemade bakkua. Totally will recommend people to get it! Super fresh and tasty!

    Yonn Vernn Avatar Yonn Vernn
    January 15, 2020

    positive review  The texture and taste were amazing! Everyone must give it a try! Worth the price and fulfilled your satisfaction! 😋😍

    Jin Ying Avatar Jin Ying
    January 15, 2020

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